Sheet Pan Salmon & Vegetables


4 salmon fillets

half a bag of mixed fresh vegetables (we used the mixed, fresh bagged ones from Sam's Club with Carrots, Broccoli, and Cauliflower)

1 cup of Baby Bella mushrooms

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

1-2 tablespoons of Grilling Gods Steak & Bake rub

half a lemon


  1. Pre-Heat oven to 400° F

  2. Place salmon fillets on sheet pan and lightly coat top with olive oil and season heavily with Grilling Gods Steak & Bake rub.

  3. Toss the vegetables with olive oil and place all around salmon on cooking sheet and you can season the vegetables with Grilling Gods Steak & Bake rub as well.

  4. slice the lemon in 1/4 inch pieces and place two on each fish, or one if you'd like less citrus.

  5. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes checking the salmon after 15 minutes to see if they are flaky, once they flake you can pull them out and its done!

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