Sweet Backyard BBQ Corn on the Cob

Directions: Prepare Corn Cobs by removing husks, cutting ends off and washing. Set Grill to Medium heat or oven to 300 degrees. Tear off one piece of foil for each ear of corn (approximately 12” long) While the corn is still wet, place one ear of Corn on your pre-sized foil and cover each ear evenly with our Sweet Backyard BBQ Rub. Next, Cut off a 1/2” Thick piece of butter and place it on each ear of Corn. Roll the foil over the Corn and twist the ends closed. (repeat for each Corn Cob) Place on middle rack of pre-heated oven or directly on your grill (upper grill rack if cooking other items) Cook for approximately 7-10 minutes depending on your setup. After cooking for the allotted time, c

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