1st Annual Grilling Gods Recipe Cook Off


1 - (1) recipe entry per household (Household is defined as a legal residence within the United States of America)

2 - Recipe is for (1) item only i.e. Ribs, A dip, Macaroni salad etc.


3 - Recipes must include Grilling Gods Rubs (please avoid the use of other manufacture’s blends as these recipes will be used on the GrillingGods.com website)


4 - Recipes must be submitted as a post with pictures on the Grilling Gods Squad Facebook Page by 11:59pm pst on 6/7/2020  and must be tagged with #GrillingGodsCOOKOFF #campchef


5 - Any pictures or content deemed vulgar or unprofessional by the staff of Grilling Gods will be removed and disqualified from the contest.


6 - Children entered in the Kids Division can be no older than 16 years of age as of 5/15/2020


7 - All entries including photos and recipes will be fully released by the entrants and become the property of Sin City Seasonings LLC dba Grilling Gods


Grand Prize – Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 475 model #FTG475

1st Runner Up -

2nd Runner Up -

Kids Division Champion (Under 16) -



1 - All Recipes must be clearly written with full instructions and ingredients.


2 - All recipes must include relevant photos and grading will be based on the amount and clarity of images.


3 - Recipes must include at minimum (1) Grilling Gods Rub/Flavor and Bonus points will be awarded for any additional Grilling Gods rubs/flavors used.


4 - Bonus points will also be awarded for creativity in chosen dish recipe.


5 - Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

       - 50% of the vote is based on post popularity i.e. how many LIKES it receives

       - 25% of the Vote will be based on creativity and ease of use (determined by the panel of judges)

       - 25% of the Vote will be based on Grilling Gods product incorporation (determined by the panel of judges)