Two Flavor Choices:

THE OG - (1)Salt of the Gods, (1)Steak & Bake, (1)Sweet Backyard BBQ and (1)Slice of Heaven.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN - Just Tell Us Which 4 Flavors you would like in the notes at Checkout. 🙏

Enjoy Cooking and LOVE the taste of BBQ? Tired of store-bought spices that are high in bad ingredients and low in FLAVOR? My family and I felt the same way, so we created the Grilling Gods line of rubs and seasonings. All our blends are FREE of glutens, soy, MSG, dairy and 4 of our blends are sugar free (Steak & Bake/SOTG/Slice of Heaven/Southern Heat) and 1 is completely salt free (Slice of Heaven). While what we leave out is extraordinary, what we put in our rubs is what really separates us from the herd. For example, instead of saving money by importing garlic, we only use the BEST California garlic! The BBQ Bundle pack that you are purchasing today includes LARGE 16oz by vol. Shaker Jars. We think this BUNDLE is the best way to experience what Grilling Gods is all about and after you run out of these flavors, you can visit GrillingGods.com to refill and try our other seasonal and special edition blends. Bless you All...

BBQ Rub Bundle (4 Pack)

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