Affordable Family BBQ Meal Plan

As Food Lovers, parents and Self-made BBQ Entrepreneurs we felt a lot of pressure like most people to provide healthy, fun and affordable meal options for both ourselves and our two growing children. Unfortunately, in our modern society it is easier and a lot of times more affordable to stop at a chain restaurant on the way home from work then it is to buy ingredients and make your own meals. So, we decided to tackle this problem in a way that also works with our business by creating a monthly meal plan outline designed around the oldest form of cooking, BBQ! Our meal outline is centered around three major components. First, we support small business through purchasing all ingredients from small business owners online and from local partner stores. Second, we follow Daily themes to keep the recipes interesting and lastly, we fully disclose all of the costs and product sources associated with each meal idea.  Remember, we designed this as an outline because we believe in adaptability both in food and life and we know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy and affordable plan with all the stresses of life. So please use these ideas as suggestions and if you miss or have a cheat day enjoy yourself and start back on the next day. Our minds should be just as healthy as our bodies so relax and enjoy your meal time again!